Gagarin Celebration
12th April 1961-12th April 2001

On 12th April 1961, Juri Gagarin became the first human in space.
On 12th April 2001, celebrated the
40th birthday of the future.

Gagarin 12th April 2001 was a live project which involved international artists and theorists in an event to celebrate the first manned space flight. In the year 2001, long an arena of futurist fantasy, the project looked at the construction of everyday life and fantasy, as well
as the distopic tendencies of the space age.
Participants included Hans Waanders, Louise K. Wilson, Dan Norton, Janice Aitken, Susan and Alexander Maris,Zoe Irvine, Professor Martin Kemp, Gair Dunlop, Cavan Convery, Eimer Birkbeck, Norman Shaw and Marek Brandt.
A CD of the project is available. This online version is a slimline edition of the project without streaming footage.

A video screening programme of artists' work has been made: contact for further details.

The theme of man/machine interface and vision of the future is continued in "Console", and "New Town".


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